Islamic Amal

Islamic Amal

Islamic Amal , ” In the event that he is your beau he will never station his eyes on different young ladies or ladies and will do things that you request that he do. Correspondingly, islamic amal in the event that she is your young lady companion, she will demonstrate her adoration and administer to you. You will be soothed from the agony of detachment and disappointment in your affection life.

Never be dampened or edgy in the event that you think that its hard to wed your adoration accomplice. You may like wise be experiencing the outcomes of lost love. Islamic amal To defeat any such circumstance, look for assistance from specialists and win over your accomplice back. The accompanying is a viable mean of mohabbat ka mujraba amal.


Before presenting the mohabbat ka mujarab amal, you ought to go in for a poweful islamic amal. In the wake of getting a positive flag, you push forward with the dua and get your desire satisfied. Recount it day by day till you get the positive outcome. The accompanying is the dua for getting early marriage.

Perform it persistently for 11 days….

Make a wazu or bathing..

Discuss the Surah Yaseen Sherif for 3 times..

Present ” Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu for 303 times..


In the wake of performing it for 11 days, request your marriage recommendation, indeed. You will unquestionably get the assent of your folks.

Here are some compelling islamic amal for marriage and your all problem solve by maulana ji.

In the wake of playing out the compulsory Jumma Mamaz (Friday Prayer), present the Ayat or verse number 9 of Surah Ale Imran for 313 times. What’s more, you should read the Darood Ibrahimi 7 times. Insa Allah, numerous engagement propositions will come. The Surah Ale Imran goes as takes after.

Rabbanna Innaka Jamiau Annasi Liyawmin La Rayebe feehi inna Allaha La Yukkhili Almi Adaa. The fundamental necessity for perusing the Surah is that you ought to have finish trust on Allah paak. Read the ayat of Surah Taha 31 times, at that point compose it on a bit of paper and tie it on your arm. Likewise read the Darood sheriff 11 times when the Insha Namaz. Additionally read Ya Lateefu, 1100 times.

On the off chance that your little girl isn’t getting hitched, you ought to recount the accompanying wazifa.

  • Discuss section 33 of Surah al Ahzab and part 60 of Surah al Mumtahinah, five times every day.
  • Discuss section 20 of Surah at Taha and blow your breath on a glass of water and make the young lady to drink it.
  • Discuss the verse 36 of Surah Yasin 100 times preceding Salat of Tahajjud, persistently for 40 days.