Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy, “This is a very powerful wazifa taweez to destroy enemy from the root, The enemy will be able to harm you again ever. First Make ablution then sit on a clean and pure place, write your enemy name, with mother name. Now recite darood ibrahaimi 11 times and then recite Surah Kousar 11 times, then, Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem1000 times, wazifa to kill your enemy, on each 100 times blow on a Neem tree stick. So in this way you will blow on it 10 times, Now recite arood ibrahaimi 11 times then blow it on Azadirachta indica.

Now wrap the paper on which the name of enemy is written on Azadirachta indica with a black thread,
Place this Azadirachta indica at any safe place where no one sees it.

Inshaa Allah you will feel the positive results within few days.

Powerful Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

  1. Read Surah Lahab 1000 times everyday.
  2. Do not Read Bismillah or Darood/Salavat with this Wazifa.
  3. Your enemy will be killed by Allah in 10 days.

Wazifa to Kill Enemy

First we should deep think about using Wazifa to kill your enemy because if we used to this service for normal problems then we are doing wrong with him or her because that is not good reason to give die. If he or she is cruel person who want to harm you anytime then you can use our Wazifa to kill your enemy service without any hesitation because it is fair and here is the situation of your life.

Wazifa to Kill Your Enemy

We know that you will try to save your family’s life but now you do not need to do any sacrifice because we have Wazifa to kill enemy. You must use our Wazifa to kill enemy service because despite this you have no more option. Just follow our rules and guidelines with the intention that you want your enemy to die. Nevertheless, one thing always remember that you will use same place and same time during recite our Wazifa to kill enemy otherwise, you will not get effective or dreamy results.


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